next life

People are afraid to die,
I don’t understand.

Who doesn’t want to be in a peaceful place?
Who doesn’t want to be relaxed all day?

Meeting new people,
Seeing family you’ve missed.

I’m not afraid to die,
I look forward to it.


Harry Styles’ Solo Song: The Truth Behind The One Direction Split


Hollywood Life

When Harry’s solo track leaked online, rumors began swirling that the boy band was splitting up to pursue solo careers. has EXCLUSIVELY learned the truth about whether the boys of One Direction will be going their separate ways!

Are the boys of One Direction going in separate directions? A solo track titled “Don’t Let Me Go” by Harry Styles was leaked online, raising questions that Harry may be considering a solo path. has EXCLUSIVELY uncovered the truth behind Harry’s mysterious solo song!

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14 – 06 – 13

Sunlight peeks through my fraying curtains,
I watch early walkers,
As I am in London.

Fresh breeze, birds sing, roosters’ crow,
this world makes my problems disappear,

A thousand landmarks perish,
Old red buses race past Big Ben,
Streets grow strange.

Feeling like a little fish in a big pond,
Londoners swarming in hectic hurry.

Beggars lie on the streets,
cups within empty,
Awaiting for future happiness.

Night anticipates,
A dark blanket covers the city.

My boots clap the pavement,
My eyes wander the sky,
I smile.

I go ways of change,
With all the dreams I cherish.

Coffee with Hafiz.


Hafiz and shoes

I am in a love affair with Hafiz. His poems tickle my throat and turn the corners of my lips up. His words dance with my fingers as if I wrote them myself.

I sit in the streets with the homeless

If my alarm sings at 6:45 then I am out of bed by 7:03. I stagger to the coffeepot and pull it out from the open rack where it sits. The rack has six shelves on which our dishes, glasses, mugs and microwave precariously sit. We have no cabinets, save the ones we keep the oatmeal in. Once the oatmeal is put away there is no more room for dishes or coffee pots. We’ve lost almost all of the wine glasses to the tipping dance of the rack, each time you add a plate or take one away. They fall to the floor and throw their pieces across the…

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02 – 04 – 2013

Suffering in silence. Embedded in my haunted thoughts. Replaying unfortunate events in my past.
I stand, to step into the light. Darkness pulling me back. Looking towards the light, I want to leave. I plead for change.
I cry, suffering in silence. Take me away.

02 – 04 – 2013

He died too young, it’s just not right.
I hate living in a world, in which Elvis isn’t alive.
What kind of rotten luck was it, to be born after my idols death?

02 – 04 – 2013

I love how people act like the fact that Elvis Presley was overweight later in his life makes him lame.
It proves just how amazing he was, think about it..
42 and overweight, still selling out performances and begging to be kissed by girls of all ages,
Sorry guys, but if Justin Bieber gains 250lbs, he ain’t going to have a great careerer.